Guidelines For Purchasing The Best Blender

Nowadays blenders have become a necessity in our kitchens. They can be used in various ways like making smoothies, margaritas and pulping tomatoes. There are other food processors and immersion mixers, but blenders are preferred when it comes to whipping smoothies and frozen drinks, crushing ice, and mashing soups. The following factors should be considered in buying the best blender, and you can learn more about these from the Best Blender Reviews.

When you are shopping for a blender, be keen on the material that's used to make the mixer. The gear assembly and the base should be made with durable materials. Blenders made from plastic tend to break easily therefor their durability is low. Read up on a  vitamix 5300 review to learn about its build quality.

The jar of blenders comes in various materials like glass, plastic, polycarbonate, and metal. For a mixer to give you the best service buy the one with a durable jar. The latest blender jars are made of polycarbonate which is known to be unbreakable. A polycarbonate blender jar is mostly recommended for busy kitchens.

The most stable jars are made of glass because it is heavy. If handled cautiously they can serve you for a long time. The most significant advantage of glass jars is that they do not retain strong flavors and odor and they cannot be scratched easily.

Plastic materials are known to be cheap, and they are light in weight making them easier to handle when they are full. Plastics are known to retain odors and intense flavors. Plastics also gets scratches easily. If your blender would be used in various activities in your kitchen, then you can opt for a mixer made from other materials.

Metal blender jars are light in weight, but at the same time, they are more durable than the rest. If your blender is for mixing, then metal jars become a challenge because you will be required to open regularly and check the progress of its blending process. They are also a bit expensive compared with blenders from the other materials.

The size and shape of the blender you purchase is determined by the purpose of the blender in your kitchen. If your mixer is intended for crushing large particles, then go for a blender with a big capacity jar. Check this video out for the differences between blending and juicing:

Blenders are known to be noisy. The more the power, the louder the noise. Buy a mixer that is easy to clean all the parts. Go for a blender which can easily be cleaned by hands. Most of the blenders can be washed by the dishwasher, but it's not safe because fragile arts tend to break easily. Also be attentive about the duration of the warranty that comes with the blender.